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Flip or Flop Vegas

Aubrey & Bristol Marunde are the owners of Alter Luxury, a real estate brokerage and design+build firm in Henderson, Nevada, and they are the stars of HGTV’s hit home renovation television show, Flip or Flop Vegas.

Together, they renovated their first house in 2009, and have since completed over 140 homes in Nevada and Washington.  

When Aubrey and Bristol are not renovating houses, designing their own line of home furnishing products, redesigning kitchens for their clients, promoting fights in the Pacific Northwest, selling luxury homes, filming the new season of Flip or Flop Vegas on HGTV, or training for the next MMA fight, they can probably be found in the wilderness, camping with their two young boys and recharging their batteries. 


HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins Anthony Carrino
and John Colaneri

Everyone wants their dream kitchen and it's the Kitchen Cousins ' job to make it a reality! Anthony and John run a family construction company that focuses on turning mediocre kitchens into masterpieces!

Anthony Carrino, graduated from Babson College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship and information systems. During his years at Babson he started his own Web development company, Intricate Design, and by his senior year he was managing more than 30 clients in the Boston area.

In 2004, Anthony and his father, Alfonso, co-founded Brunelleschi Construction. Anthony’s role for the first two years, aside from general business matters, was to be on site every day to run the job. Today, Anthony is focused on a number of different tasks ranging from supporting on-site operations to managing project timelines, including all negotiations with vendors and subcontractors.

John Colaneri,  graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in labor and industrial relations with a minor in business management.

With most of his family involved in construction, it was natural for John to work as a laborer when he was home from college in the summers. He worked for his uncle’s company, Prismatic Development, where he was involved in many aspects of the construction process.

With John’s experience in construction, savvy business skills and an eagerness to learn, he was ready to devote his time to the family construction business, Brunelleschi Construction.


Adam Lysenko

Adam Lysenko is an avid tiny house advocate and enthusiast. He designed and oversaw construction of a custom tiny house featured on FYI's Tiny House Nation in 2016 and has spent several months living tiny in the Salt Lake area. Adam's home is one of a handful of tiny houses on display at this year's Home Show. He currently resides in South Jordan.

Laneel Perry

Laneel Perry of Design Dezign

Laneel has a degree in Interior Design from a F.I.D.E.R. accredited University plus over 20 years of experience working with incredible design firms along with her business, Design Dezign.

She is gifted at revealing someone’s personal design taste, even if they aren’t sure what that is, and creating an environment that fits them like a glove. She will bring color into your life that will evoke feeling and passion.

Come see what you can learn from Laneel on the Design Stage Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 5pm!
Design Dezign

Chef Nettie Frank

Chef Nettie Frank

Chef Nettie is known for her delicious sweet treats, between Food Networks CAKE WARS and being the creator of the incredible local BEYOND GLAZE DOUGHNUTS, she is a great teacher in all areas of the kitchen. Chef Nettie can cook up any recipe! She caters through her company Silver Whisk Catering private parties and is a personal Chef. She is currently working on her cook book and getting everyone back in the kitchen. Join Chef Nettie the Kitchen Stage. 

Jessica Rivera

Jessica Rivera Interior Designs

Jessica Rivera Interior Designs was founded in July 2016 and is a Utah based design company. Upon graduating from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science Psychology, Jessica worked for a variety of non-profit agencies and eventually decided to start her own family. Her passion for design was truly recognized as she spent time honing in her talent as a stay-at-home mom and creating beautiful rooms on a single income budget. Jessica has proven time and again that great design does not have to cost a fortune. She is adept at creating stunning spaces on realistic budgets working closely with all her clients to assure their homes are reflective of their style.  Come see her design work displayed on the main aisle! 

Design questions??? Ask Jessica directly at the Ask a Designer booth Friday 2-5pm, Saturday 1-5pm & Sunday 12-3pm located on the main aisle. 
Jessica Rivera Interiors

Marla Dee


Marla Dee was the FIRST Professional Organizer in Utah and 18 years later she is still passionate about teaching the Clear & SIMPLE way to live free of clutter and get organized.

In today’s world we are bombarded with information & stuff!  So there is clutter everywhere – on our phones & computers, desktops & countertops, bedrooms & basements, closets & cupboards… We crave being free of the clutter and fantasize about being organized but it feels impossible.  Marla Dee is here to change that. As a professional organizer for 18 years, Marla has seen the pain! 

With contagious enthusiasm and stories from real clients, Marla shares her belief that living organized is a skill anyone can learn. Why bother learning this skill? Because getting organized frees you to be present for what matters most. Her Clear & Simple Systems teach where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.
Marla is a master messenger, an international speaker, and has trained students in 9 countries. She has appeared on numerous TV, radio and podcast programs throughout the years. She is the author of “Get Organized, The Clear & SIMPLE Way” and “The ART of Letting Go”.

If you are ready for a change, Marla will set you free of the clutter and chaos at last!

Fidel Astorga and Steve Johnson

Learn how to select meat, trimming, rubs and sauces, and the smoking of the brisket like a champion with Steve Johnson & Fidel Astorga. They will be providing brisket samples at the end of the demonstration.  See the champs live on the Kitchen Stage Saturday Jan 6th at 6:00 & 7:00 pm

Fidel Astorga is a 
2015 Brisket National Champion 
9X BBQ Grand Champion 
3X Utah BBQ Team of the Year 
4X 180 Perfect Score
2X Jack Daniel's Invitational Participant 

Steve Johnson is a 
Owner of BBQ Pit Stop
10x BBQ Grand Champion
2X Utah BBQ Team of the Year 
4X 180 Perfect Score 
2X Jack Daniel's Invitational Participant 

Stephen Fitzwater

Stephen Fitzwater

Stephen moved to Salt Lake City nearly 30 years ago from Southern California.  He always enjoyed planting a modest garden, but never really needed to worry about seasons, since there were basically only two and gardening was always successful. That all changed when he started trying to grow a traditional line row garden in Utah. (Boy, did it change!) Gardening suddenly became something that required planning, especially when it came to preparation and timing. When you consider that Mother’s Day has been tagged as the last day for frost, yet sometimes Utah sees snow well into June, the shortened seasons became a challenge. 

Stephen’s path of how to successfully garden organically in Utah. Quite by accident, he discovered a prototype for a vinyl planter at a vinyl shop where he was working. Not very well made, he decided to experiment with the concept. Eight incarnations later, a well-designed, long lasting raised-bed planter was born. 

Thirteen years later, hundreds of happy gardeners all along the Wasatch Front, and dozens of books and classes under his belt.  Stephen is stepping onto the design stage to talk about the benefits of raised-bed gardening Jan 6th at 7pm & Jan 7th at 3pm