Rock Climber, Life Saver, Carpenter

Dec 28, 2018, 11:53 AM
He is the new hunky carpenter on the revival series of TLC’s Trading Spaces and People magazine is calling him “much more than just a pretty face…” All around renaissance man, Brett Tutor will be making his Utah debut at the Salt Lake Home Show presented by Mountain America Credit Union, January 11th-13th at the Mountain America Expo Center.

Brett Tutor

Tutor is a unique guy with a diverse skill set. He has worked professionally as a stuntman, EMT, SWAT medic, house flipper, home inspector, white water rafting and rock-climbing guide, singer, song writer and guitarist. He is passionate about clean water and causes with a positive social impact. In 2014, Tutor founded Off The Grid International (, a non-profit organization dedicated to building clean water and sanitation systems in remote areas.

Tutor got his start in Austin, Texta flipping houses, working as a home inspector and a general contractor. In 2012 he started Property Doctors Home Inspections. He is a licensed Professional Inspector (TREC #20110). Licensed OSSF Septic System Installer (TCEQ), Residential Energy Auditor, Rain Water Harvesting System Installer, and Rain Water System Inspector (ARCSA). Brett Tutor is highly qualified and definitely much more than just a pretty face!

3 Tips From Brett

1. The biggest mistake I see home owners make when trying to renovate their own space is definitely under estimating the cost of materials, the time a reno takes with just two people and the fact that you usually don’t get everything right the first time.

2. One thing I wish every home owner knew, is how to properly use their septic system if they have a private septic. It can really do a lot of damage to the environment and well water when misused, which is very common.

3. People should take a little time to research their contractor/ designer. Experience just means you have already made most of your mistakes. You don’t want to be one of those mistakes of a new contractor who is still learning on the job. Make sure they are insured and or bonded and take the time to call a reference or two.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Brett

1. “If I had to move to another country it would be Costa Rica. I spend a lot of time there and between the culture, the nature and the surf, it always feels like home.”

2. “Something you would not guess about me, I spend a lot of time song writing.”

3. “A must have at a party that I am throwing is definitely guacamole.”

For more from Brett, visit him online here: 
Instagram: @BrettTutor
Twitter: @BrettTutor

Catch the Brett Tutor live and talking Trading Spaces on the Design Stage!  Friday, January 11th at 5pm, Saturday, January 12th at 2pm and 6pm.

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