Creative Table Settings That Scream Springtime

Jan 05, 2017
We all know just how much fun it can be to get creative in the kitchen, but have you tried getting creative with your table settings? Whether you’re hosting a group dinner or just want to show off for your kids – decorating the table will add fun into any meal. At the Salt Lake Home Show local designers will be showcasing their talents through an inspirational table setting design contest.


3 Table Setting Tips 

1. Pick a theme: Holidays are a great excuse to decorate, but don’t let them limit you. Have fun with every meal. Think about the details from the colors you use, to the food you serve. Play with the seasons and themes, each event is a chance to tap into your creative energy.

2. Use what you’ve already got: You don’t need to buy new dishes just to match your table setting; accessorize to convey a theme. Look around the house to see what you might already have to use as decoration. Do you have any unique vases, knickknacks, plants, or candles that would match your motif? You could even try adding elements of the meal that you plan to serve, such as fresh sage at each setting or whole lemons in a bowl.

3. Have fun & get creative: Don’t forget that you can mix and match an item’s utility. For example, put a candle inside a wine glass or try serving dessert in a wine glass. A little spray paint can go a long way. Try spray painting acorns, pinecones, or sticks gold or silver to match your setup. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun! Do this because you love to do it and it will show!

Get inspired for your next dinner party with designer table settings at the Salt Lake Home Show. All blogger designs will be on display throughout the weekend January 6th – 8th at the South Towne Expo Center. Don’t forget to stop by and vote for your favorite!

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